Armut im Wohlstand - Zunehmende soziale Disparitäten in Singapur


  • Rolf Jordan University of Kassel



Singapore, Poverty, Disparities, Social Security


Singapore is the wealthiest nation in South-East Asia today. But behind its high-rise buildings and modern shopping malls rising social disparities and a growing number of poor households cast a shadow on an otherwise successful economic development. Shrinking incomes and rising prices for housing and energy have increased the number of those who are struggling life in one of the most expensive cities in Pacifi c Asia. The situation is further complicated by a just rudimentary social security system that is not adequately designed for the needs of poor households. The following paper gives a brief insight into the current state of economic and social development in Singapore and its impact on the social fabric of the Singapore society. The lack of an adequately structured social security system for those households and the lower end of the income strata in general contribute most to the rising social disparities is what characterises Singapore’s social development today.




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Jordan, R. (2008). Armut im Wohlstand - Zunehmende soziale Disparitäten in Singapur. Advances in Southeast Asian Studies, 1(2), 82–94.



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