Proposals for Special Issues

A special issue consists of four to seven coherent original articles, an editorial by the guest editor(s), and potential other, shorter contributions such as interviews, field notes, or book reviews. Please read our author guidelines for details on the different sections for submission and formal criteria [].

 Proposals should include the following information and be limited to 2-5 pages:

  • title, objectives, and scope of the proposed special issue;
  • titles, five keywords, and abstracts of all manuscripts;
  • names and affiliations of all contributors (note that not all contributors should come from the same institution);
  • timeline incl. submission deadline;
  • contact details, short biography, and main publications of the guest editor(s).

Please send your proposal to and do not hesitate to contact the editors if you have any further questions. All proposals will be evaluated by the ASEAS editorial board.

Once the proposal is accepted, all manuscripts need to be submitted within the agreed time frame via the ASEAS Online Journal System: [].

Guest editor(s) will work closely with ASEAS managing editors in order to ensure timely submission and revision. Each original research article will be examined by two external reviewers. Guest editors will be asked to suggest potential reviewers for each manuscript but ASEAS editors will make the final decision on the selection of reviewers and will organize the double-blind review process. Reviewer reports will be sent to the authors and guest editor(s). The ASEAS editorial board has the final decision on the acceptance of all manuscripts. If not enough papers are accepted for the special issue (minimum four original research articles), the accepted articles are published as individual articles in ASEAS.

As ASEAS is an open access journal without individual submission fees, we ask guest editors to cover some of the copy editing and publication cost (about EUR 1.500). Please contact the board of editors for detailed information on this matter!