Capturing Singapore’s ‘Little India’: The Search for Identity in Traditional Photo Studios


  • Kuba Ryniewicz Photos & Text
  • Christian Bothe Text




Author Biography

Kuba Ryniewicz, Photos & Text

Kuba Ryniewicz, former student of Philosophy at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland, finished Contemporary Photographic Practice at Northumbria University in Newcastle, England. He is interested in aesthetic mutations in photography & film, works in Independent Cinema, as freelance photographer, and writes for Polish Quarterly Fotografia. He would describe himself as highly inspired by street pop culture, wild camping, solo travels, spirits and ghosts of nature and cemeteries. Photo works have been published in magazines such as Tiny Vices
(USA), Capricious (USA), Holy Ghost (UK), Punkt (PL), Fotografia (PL), Things Magazine (UK), Dust & Dessert (Australia) and exhibited in the UK, Poland, Malaysia, and Indonesia. He visited Singaporean Little India in July. For this project he used various 35mm cameras such as Nikon EM, Zenith, and compact cameras. In addition, he applied a number of self-made lens filters from non-photographic materials such as trash or dust that he collected on the streets surrounding Little India. These additional elements helped to achieve a distinct visual appearance alluding to the era of analogue photo production and produced and transmitted a hypnagogic reflection of a pop photography past - when the real meets the surreal or something in-between. 






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