Mobile Technology in the Lives of Thai Immigrants in Germany


  • Sirima Thongsawang Kasem Bundit University



Berlin, Mobile Technology, Royal Thai Embassy, Social Networking Sites, Thai Migration


This paper examines the role of mobile technology in the lives of Thai immigrants in Berlin. By using qualitative research methods, this research investigates how new digital and social media applications have affected the organization of Thai immigrants on both individual and institutional levels, with a particular focus on the Royal Thai Embassy in Berlin. Mobile technologies today are widely used in the diaspora, by both individuals and social institutions, to maintain relationships with the homeland and to promote national affairs. Both individual Thai immigrants and official staff of the embassy rely significantly on Internet sites, particularly on social networking sites such as Facebook, to gain information on Thailand and to expand their networks. This paper explores changes in communication and their implications for Thais and their respective institutions in Germany.

Author Biography

Sirima Thongsawang, Kasem Bundit University

Sirima Thongsawang is lecturer at the Kasem Bundit University in Thailand. She earned her PhD from Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany, in 2015. Besides Southeast Asian Studies, her research interests more specifically concern the topics of migration, globalization, and inequality. Contact:






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