Transdisciplinary Responses to Climate Change: Institutionalizing Agrometeorological Learning Through Science Field Shops in Indonesia


  • Yunita Triwardani Winarto University of Indonesia
  • Cornelis Johan (Kees) Stigter University of the Free State
  • Muki Trenggono Wicaksono University of Indonesia



Argometeorology, Climate Change, Indonesia, Science Field Shops, Transdisciplinary Educational Commitment


Science Field Shops (SFSs) are an example of a transdisciplinary educational commitment where farmers, scientists, and extension staff exchange knowledge on agrometeorology in dialogue form to better respond to climate change. How can scientists, farmers, and extension staff build up this transdisciplinary collaboration? How has the agrometeorological learning environment been institutionalized in several places in Indonesia? An interdisciplinary collaboration between agrometeorology and anthropology serves as basis for developing seven climate services that are provided in the SFSs. Through Knowledge Transfer and Communication Technologies, farmers have become active learners, researchers, and decision makers of their own responses to the consequences of climate change. Although such an approach proves efficient in improving the farmers’ knowledge and anticipation capability, the transdisciplinary collaboration with state authority needs to be overhauled to improve the process.

Author Biographies

Yunita Triwardani Winarto, University of Indonesia

Yunita Triwardani Winarto is professor at the Department of Anthropology, Universitas Indonesia, and the coordinator of the research cluster on Response Farming to Climate Change of
the Center for Anthropological Studies, FISIP-UI.


Cornelis Johan (Kees) Stigter, University of the Free State

Cornelis Johan (Kees) Stigter was an agrometeorologist from Agromet Vision in the Netherlands, Indonesia, and Africa, who collaborated with the anthropologists from Universitas Indonesia since 2008. He passed away on 20 May 2016 after falling ill while facilitating an SFS
session in Indramayu, West Java.

Muki Trenggono Wicaksono, University of Indonesia

Muki Trenggono Wicaksono is a junior researcher at Epistema Institute in Indonesia, a research-based institution on law, society, and environmental issues. He was a researcher at the Department of Anthropology, Universitas Indonesia from 2012 to 2015.