“Plant Some Plants, Plant Some Hope, Plant Some Future”. Urban Gardening at Lingnan University of Hong Kong: An Interview with Prof. Kin-Chi Lau


  • Rainer Einzenberger University of Vienna
  • Michaela Hochmuth University of Vienna




Prof. Kin-Chi Lau is currently Associate Professor at the Department of Cultural Studies, Lingnan University, Hong Kong.1 Her areas of interest cover cultural studies, contemporary China studies, and comparative literature as well as critical pedagogy and gender studies. She promotes the idea of a transition campus at Lingnan University and is one of the initiators of the organic Urban Gardening Project2 there. She is also a founding member of the Global University for Sustainability.3 Rainer Einzenberger conducted this interview with Prof. Kin-Chi-Lau on the topic of urban gardening in Hong Kong via Skype in March 2015. Michaela Hochmuth was in charge of the editing. The interview portrays the Urban Gardening Project, its history, structures, and organizational characteristics. It engages with the participants of the project and their challenges and difficulties in realizing it. The broader and complex concepts of food sovereignty, food security, and ‘commons’ build the contextual background of this dialogue.

Author Biographies

Rainer Einzenberger, University of Vienna

Rainer Einzenberger is a geographer by training. He worked as Myanmar project coordinator at the Heinrich Böll Foundation’s Southeast Asia regional office and is currently a university assistant (PhD candidate) at the Department of Development Studies at the University of Vienna. His PhD thesis focuses on natural resource conflicts as well as on questions of land and territory in the frontier areas of Myanmar. Contact: rainer.einzenberger@univie.ac.at

Michaela Hochmuth, University of Vienna

Michaela Hochmuth is studying International Development at the Department of Development Studies at the University of Vienna and is currently a research assistant in a project on food in Vietnam, financed by the Austrian Development Fund at the same department. Contact: michaela.hochmuth@univie.ac.at






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