Vol. 7 No. 2 (2014): Imagining Indonesia

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The present ASEAS issue features a focus on political utopias and homeland imaginaries held by Indonesians and, in one case, East Timorese at home and abroad. These include labor and marriage migrants, expatriates, overseas students, political exiles, and refugees living outside of their home country. Since being in exile does not always require an actual departure from the homeland, this special issue also takes into account the imaginaries of those who are physically within the boundaries of Indonesia, yet in one way or another voluntarily or involuntarily ‘exiled’ from the rest of society. ‘Imagining Indonesia’ aims to explore the multiple readings of longings for a better life that are projected both on Indonesia’s past and future. The papers deal with the romanticization and transfiguration of the Indonesian homeland without ignoring the darker sides of internal and external exile, migration, and long-distance politics.

Guest Editors: Antje Missbach, Henry Myrttinen

Managing Editor: Dayana Parvanova

Cover Photo: Helena Manhartsberger

Layout: Thomas Gimesi

Published: 2014-12-15